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User's Guide for Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt

Educators may wish to utilize Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt, a novel of historical fiction about the experiences of a farm family living in Illinois during the time of the Civil War.

Grades: 5

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Arkansas in the Civil War: Using Informational Texts

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the events that happened in Arkansas during the Civil War by reading a variety of informational texts from various sources, including electronic sources.

Grades: 5-12

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Arkansas Civil War Bandits and Outlaws

Students will study civilian Arkansans during the Civil War. These Arkansans faced many challenges, including outlaw bands known as Jayhawkers, who ravaged the people and the land. Additionally, students will study the events leading up to the war and the post-Civil War era.

Grades: 5-8

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Arkansas Civil War Drama

Students will examine the impact of the Civil War on the economic, social, and political systems of Arkansas. Each student will also research an assigned character from this era. Students will then write and perform a part in a role-playing simulation.

Grades: 7-12

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Battle or Massacre: Engagement at Poison Spring

The major goal of the unit is to guide students as they research an Arkansas Civil War topic, the Engagement at Poison Spring, in preparation for a classroom debate.

Grades: 5-8

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This is News

Students will assume the role of a newspaper reporter from the Civil War period. After appropriate research utilizing print, non-print, or electronic resources, students will write a newspaper article about the exodus of slaves during the Civil War period in Arkansas history.

Grades: 5-8 (may be adapted for 9-12)

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Red River Campaign (a.k.a. The Camden Expedition)

Students will research and analyze the Red River Expedition in Arkansas during the American Civil War utilizing both primary and secondary sources. Students will identify the location of a particular battle in Arkansas from the Red River Campaign and present their battle report to the class.

Grades: 5-12

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Emancipation Proclamation

Students will learn the importance of the Emancipation Proclamation and its importance in the Civil War.

Grades: 7-8 (may be adapted for 9-12)

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Civil War Research

The Butler Center is a premier destination for Civil War research in Arkansas. Within the Butler Center’s vast Civil War holdings, researchers will find hundreds of letters, diaries, photographs, and other primary materials related to Arkansas’s involvement in the war. In addition, the Butler Center also holds an extensive collection of secondary sources and subscribes to a number of online databases, which provide easily accessible and up-to-date information.

If you are interested in the Civil War in Arkansas, you will want to visit us, as well as our partner institution in the Arkansas Studies Institute, the UALR Archives, which also has remarkable collections of Civil War materials.

About the Digital Collections

The Butler Center provides online access to selected portions of our collections. These featured collections represent a dynamic sampling of Arkansas history. Included are audio/video clips, digital images of photographs, letters, and other documents as well as educational resources such as lesson plans.

Researchers may also view searchable inventories of our manuscript collection holdings. To access the full range of our resources, we invite you to visit our research room in the Arkansas Studies Institute.

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