About the Project

In 2008, the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies initiated "FORGOTTEN: The Arkansas Korean War Project" to document and preserve Arkansas's role in the war. Brian Robertson and Stephanie Bayless in the manuscripts division of the Butler Center lead this project and are collecting the information. The project consists of three components:

We want to ensure that these materials are preserved for educators, researchers, and family members to help future generations understand more about the war and our veterans' experiences in it. We believe it is critical to honor our veterans' service and contributions to the war effort.

If you are a Korean War veteran please either fill out our online survey or download the printable version and return it to Brian Robertson at:

Butler Center for Arkansas Studies
100 S. Rock Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

If you know Korean War veterans, please help us spread the word and make them aware of this project. For more information, contact Brian Robertson at (501) 320-5723.

About the Project

The Korean War has often been overshadowed by other conflicts, such as World War II and the Vietnam War. Much of the history of the war exists only in the memories and mementos of its veterans. Approximately 6,300 Arkansans served in the war, including six who received the Congressional Medal of Honor. The Butler Center for Arkansas Studies is gathering Arkansas-related Korean War materials to preserve this important history.

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