Uncle Sam Desired Our Presence: Arkansans in the Korean War (2010)

A documentary produced by the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies

Uncle Sam Desired Our Presence: Arkansans in the Korean War (2010)

Narrated by Steve Stephens
DVD released in May 2010
Run time is 60 minutes
Available in Widescreen and Standard format

Standard format ISBN: 978-1-935106-30-2
Widescreen format ISBN: 978-1-935106-31-9

When North Korea invaded South Korea in the early morning hours of June 25, 1950, the United States was plunged into an intense and costly war in order to help stem the tide of communism. The ensuing three-year military conflict included twenty-two countries and resulted in the deaths of an estimated 2 to 4 million civilians and military personnel, including 36,940 Americans.

The Korean War is often overlooked between the headlines of World War II and the tragedies of the Vietnam War, and the Arkansans who served have been overlooked with it. Approximately 6,300 Arkansans fought; 461 of those lost their lives. This is their story.

The documentary features photographs, documents, and oral history interviews from "FORGOTTEN: The Arkansas Korean War Project" as well as video footage and photographs from the National Archives and Records Administration.

For classroom use, there is a corresponding Butler Center lesson plan.

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Uncle Sam Desired Our Presence is available from the University of Arkansas Press. Click here to order your copy today.

For more information, contact Brian Robertson at (501) 320-5723.

About the Project

The Korean War has often been overshadowed by other conflicts, such as World War II and the Vietnam War. Much of the history of the war exists only in the memories and mementos of its veterans. Approximately 6,300 Arkansans served in the war, including six who received the Congressional Medal of Honor. The Butler Center for Arkansas Studies is gathering Arkansas-related Korean War materials to preserve this important history.

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